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Design Build

What Is Design Build?

One vision. One budget. One partner.

“Design-build” is construction industry lingo for companies whose expertise extends from initial design right through construction, including budgeting, obtaining permits, and scheduling the entire project.

At Canyon Design Build, our experienced designers and contractors work under one roof as a cohesive team. The spirit is one of collaboration. For each client and project, we create a single vision and a single budget. We assume responsibility for the project from start to finish. Clients benefit from our tight teamwork, simplified communications, and shared passion for our work.

One model.

With 48 years in business, solid best practices drive our design-build model.

Efficient and Effective
The Canyon Design Build team of designers and builders has been working together in the same location for three decades. Our internal communications and processes are careful, quick, and efficient, whether we’re collaborating on plans, managing budgets and timelines, getting permits, choosing building materials, or overseeing construction.

Projects benefit from our efficiency, and clients lives are made easier. As one cohesive team, we need less than half the client meetings and phone calls than other construction models. When a client has a conversation with a Canyon Design Build professional, we make sure the message gets everywhere it needs to go.

Nothing deflates the excitement of a home remodel faster than budget overruns and scheduling delays. Why are they so common? The reason is simple: poor planning. But planning isn’t simple, especially if multiple firms are involved. At Canyon Design Build, we work with you to define the program and schematic design first, and then set out to align a realistic budget and schedule.

The process is transparent; clients know exactly what they’re getting and when. Since we then oversee every aspect of the project, we manage it to the program, the budget and the schedule.

The Canyon Design Build professionals work as one team in one location. The team leader is responsible to one person – the client. Not only is our teamwork tight, but design, construction, budget, and scheduling belong to one cohesive process.

Did you know that a home remodel permit can increase the value of your home and protect your investment?

If you're doing more than painting, you might need a permit. Permits can substantially affect value in an appraisal and in a disaster. Work done without a permit may not be recognized by your appraiser or insurance company.