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Kitchen Tile Shopping Guide

Everything you need to know about materials, installation, and more
Choosing new tile for kitchen floors and backsplashes can be fraught with uncertainty. There’s a bewildering array of options, including a variety of materials, treatments, and sizes to choose from. How do you know which options will perform the best and be easiest to maintain? What are the latest product offerings? And, what should you keep in mind when it comes to installation? To help narrow the field, read on.

Ceramic and glass are great options for a backsplash since they are easy to maintain and come in an incredible variety of colors, shapes, styles, and price points. Porcelain is an excellent option for floors since it’s low maintenance, and the tiles tend to be large format.
At the high end, natural stone is also very popular, but isn’t necessarily the best in terms of carefree performance. Many varieties of stone, including limestone and marble, are sensitive to acid and can become etched with marks or stains, so they need to be carefully sealed.
For a lighter look, Carrara marble is acceptable—but be aware that it will show age over time. For a floor that looks like stone, but is easier to maintain, we recommends the latest stone-inspired ceramic tiles. They’re a fraction of the cost of natural stone, far easier to care for, and less expensive to install because they’re easier to work with and don’t need to be sealed.

Large-format tiles are popular, not only because they create fewer grout joints but because the scale adds drama and sophistication.
For backsplashes, long, skinny tiles, such as 1″ x 4″, as well as other unexpected shapes. Just don’t use the most common tile size—12″ x 12″. They look awful pretty much anywhere, but they look particularly bad as a backsplash.
Finally, be creative when deciding on the layout. Think about the orientation of the tile, to make a kitchen feel more modern, I might take a 3″ x 6″ tile and run it vertically or run it horizontally, rather than brick bond, so that everything lines up.

Kitchen by Canyon Design Build

Putting it all together
We are very, very cautious when a client makes their final tile selection. We order samples. We mount it on a backer board, we grout it with the selected grout, and we either seal it or enhance it. Seeing a sample section can help avoid disappointing, costly mistakes.

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