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Good Design Is Good Living

Harmony at home.

Canyon Design Build works with clients’ existing conditions and budget to optimize form and function. Our designers are meticulous about putting all the pieces together, interior and exterior. Even before putting pencil to paper, they take the time to learn about each client’s lifestyle, family needs, budget, and remodeling dreams. (According to clients, they sometimes seem to read minds.)

Throughout the design-build process, an experienced project manager and senior designer are on hand to advise, guide, and troubleshoot. After completion, we initiate periodic visits to make sure clients remain satisfied. We aim to exceed expectations and to earn the privilege of being our clients’ first choice for future projects.

Our design philosophy:

  • We believe in creating harmony in the home.
  • We believe good design is intrinsic to good living.
  • We believe in the marriage of aesthetics and practical benefits.
  • We believe we are caretakers of a client’s dreams and investment.
  • We believe in being endlessly resourceful within every budget parameter.
  • We believe great design collaboration is the result of great communication.
  • We believe in keeping a design eye towards return on investment.
  • We believe green design can bring financial gain.