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Methodology Done Right

Four steps. A better remodel.

From the minute we enter a client’s home, we follow a four-step methodology the client can rely on, understand, and follow. The rigor of this process is the secret behind our success in controlling quality and delivering services within budget and on schedule.

Step 1: Schematic Design Planning (Concepts)
Schematic design documents convey the conceptual design of the project and include drawings, sketches, and preliminary plans. They may also include verification of city or county requirements, planning and design review requirements, setbacks, and ordinances.

Step 1 may also include building investigation to assess foundation, framing, insulation, and other valuable information needed for proper planning and budgeting.

We deliver schematic design documents for the client’s review and approval based on a mutually agreed upon program, schedule, and budget.

Step 2: Design, Budget Planning, and Development
Once the client approves the schematic design, we prepare documents for the City Planning Department to review, including floor plans, sections, exterior elevations, and site plans. Additional design development documents may include door, window, and finish schedules; interior elevations; and key construction details.

Step 2 may also include additional building investigation to determine foundation, framing, insulation, and other valuable information for proper planning and budgeting.

Step 3: Construction Documentation
After a client approves the design development documents, we provide construction documents and specifications as required for city or county building permits. Plans include as-built drawings, site plan, floor plans, sections, interior and exterior elevations, details, outline specifications, and finish schedules.

To complete the overall design, construction schedule, and process, Canyon Design Build works with clients to select finish details, such as tile and lighting. Upon final approval of the construction documents we then manage permit procurement.

Phase 4: Construction Administration
During construction, our designers make regular site visits and review subcontractors’ submissions (such as shop drawings, product data, and samples) to check for conformance with contract documents and design concepts. By working closely together, our designers and builders make the construction process smooth and seamless.